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Innovation, transformation and leadership occur in many ways.
At RAZ, our ability to help solve clients’ most complex
issues is distinct. We deliver strategy and implementation,
from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete.

* Clarity in the Cloud

Much like the Internet, the cloud has become fundamental to business innovation and
it’s not going away. Tune into this episode of RAZ Insights to learn how cloud
computing can enable both incremental improvements and transformation in your organization.

* Business Trends collection

Today’s business leaders need clear, concise and well-informed perspectives on important
dynamics that are currently reshaping the business environment. RAZ Business Trends
reports deliver just that. While RAZ doesn’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict the future,
our network of member firms do have the privilege of serving clients who are creating the future;
access to some of the best minds on the planet; relentless curiosity; and a commitment to intellectual
integrity and rigor. RAZ draws upon all of these in the creation of these reports, including
the latest one featured below, “Business ecosystems come of age.”

* We’ve done that

In our decades of working with SAP solutions, we’ve taken on virtually every business challenge imaginable.
Here are a few of the most recent examples that may be relevant to you.
Finance transformation.  Inventory management.  Regulatory compliance. HR transformation.  CRM.  Supply chain.
Global growth.  You name it, and we’ve helped clients use SAP solutions to do it.  And along the way, we’ve learned
a few things – some of which may be helpful to you in your own SAP journey.  So whether you’re looking for ways that
others facing similar challenges have used SAP to help, or simply want to find out if we’re up to the job of helping you
please have a look at this mix of video case studies and write-ups.